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July 30, 2010

In Thailand

Last Sunday at least nine people were injured by a bomb explosion at a bus stop in the capital city of Thailand. Recently, thousand of members of Thailand’s United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship, known as the Red Shirts, occupied the downtown of Bangkok for over two months to press for the dissolution of the Government causing serious loss to its economy, which finally led to loss of many lives the imprisonment of hundreds of protestors. This was not just a political fight, but also the expression of anger and desperation accumulated in the society for many years caused by visible difference in incomes of population.

This is how the law of transition from quantity to quality operates. A decade ago Thailand passed the law on self-declaration of income, which has just passed in Mongolia and I read an article in the Bangkok Post newspaper saying that the Thai Cabinet became the one with the richest wives in the world, after the cabinet ministers of this country publicly announced their incomes. A wife of “poorest” minister had two Mercedes Benz, three houses and private account with the balance of US$4.0 million. This was the time when almost all people in Thailand except government ministers and officials, were the poor with less than US$2 per day income.

In Thailand, political parties have never charged their authorities with responsibility and have never discussed how a person who worked for public service for all his life managed to make such a huge income, instead they concealed and defended them behind the name of political party. Soon the principle “Share and Rule” by winning the elections in a manipulated way at any price promising whatever to electors, rules this country. From elections to elections, people in power have swindled the country’s properties, lands and resources machinating with political parties. As result, rapid economic growth has been beneficial to few people only and the most of population remained poor for many years. The difference in income has increased, leading the current social differentiation to highest point peak, which is ready to blow at any time.


We are following exactly Thai track and income difference is almost higher than in Thailand. Today, the most of Mongolians have the lower income less than two dollars a day. We now have parliament members, cabinet members, and many bosses, who are very wealthy and rich. Deals for corruption, position, income is becoming more organized and the income government authorities are growing year by year while the people’s income is shrinking year by year. Citizens and lawmakers are fighting furiously to become a customs or tax inspectors or to be employed by a state-owned enterprises, which are believed to be jobs producing sizeable profits.

The government is getting more bulky and cumbersome and their method to machinate and swindle the budget money in the name of tenders and bids is getting more organized. Political parties already ceased to exist in its classical point as replaced by fractions of conspirators. They have created institutions for machination instead of public management and have been squeezing public properties for the sake of their power behind the throne. They function ate better than any terrorist and swindle public properties wherever in city or provinces.

Though each political party is aware inside of who and how swindled the public properties, none of them never think about eliminating or cleaning it, instead their mindset focuses on how to copy swindling methods of other parties. None of the two ruling parties of coalition has never obeyed to rules of justice and has never punished their corrupted political workers. Instead, the two parties closed mouth of those who attempted to speak out by offering higher position. It clearly shows that these political parties already ceased to exist in terms of political institution and only few ordinary members, who are confusingly thinking that their political party still exists.


A party so-called “Mongolian Democratic Revolutionary Party” has been already formed and it has been unifying their money through a certain cooperative and is planning how to buy next elections. Politicians last week marked the 20th anniversary of democratic elections in Mongolia and overjoyed saying that this was also the celebration of multi-party system. It is true that they started the democratic elections; however, it is also true that they destroyed it.

Heads of any of these two political parties as well the Parliament and the Cabinet formed by them marked this anniversary without a single word about the last fraud elections, declaration of emergency, which caused the life of five innocent people. Nowadays, government employees are chosen according to intimacy with boss or to their ability to ingratiate and machinate. For this reason, public institutions over the past period work for self-defense and self-advocating in order to enrich their boss and themselves too, instead performing their basic functions and duties.

The most concentrated expression of such confrontation is the ongoing game played by the two leading political parties, regarding the change of chairman and deputy of the Independent Authority Against Corruption. Because this is a big knot of deals related to position and corruption, there is no way out except the mutual exchange of spies. This is the fight that never ends and the soap opera that will continue till the next elections. These two big parties have always took each other into hostage by means of not only big political positions but also top positions in big state-owned companies, the special licenses of land, minerals, tobacco, vodka and petroleum and by investigating and judging crimes linked with each other. The two parties like two big octopus have tangled with each other with each legs and is now at the current point of break. This case first will decompose the gap within the Parliament, then dismantle the Cabinet and will continue till next elections, leading to intensive fight between fractions of people with own individual interests. They might play a drama to punish a person as a sacrifice of their game, but because this is a crisis in political system, the solution is to change this system completely. The question is we are not ready for this.

Translated by P.Shinebayar

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