Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mongolian Democratic Revolutionary Party

A new political party is emerging in Mongolia.

The two current ruling political parties (MPRP and MDP) are merging into one since the creation of a coalition government, as there is now no longer a substantial difference in their policies. The political opposition has disappeared in Mongolia and the Mongolian Revolutionary Party has successfully absorbed the Mongolian Democratic Party.

The Mongolian government is not doing what it is supposed to do, but rather doing very well, the things that it is not supposed to be doing at all. In a democratic nation, the main duty of the government is to protect its citizens’ lives, liberties and properties. However, the properties should not be acquired by force, fraud or theft. The government should not in any way, condone this.

But our state is not only not forbidding this from happening, it is actually encouraging all types of plundering of properties. This has become so clear to the people that some have come to accept and even support these sorts of state act ions. Many executives of state owned enterprises and other entities that are either directly or indirectly connected with public properties, and their political allies, are making larger and larger incomes. More and more billionaires are “born from the state” and their names and the photos of their large real estate holdings and houses are openly flaunted in the media.

The people who have been “public servants” all their lives have become owners of the biggest homes in the best locations, and drive expensive cars and race the fastest horses joining a small group of the richest families in the country.

The two largest parties were supported and financed by their own business circles and in return, the companies were winning government tenders and nominations to important political positions. This procedure took a further step: The businesses have “cut costs” and became political entities themselves, making decisions on behalf of the government on what they want and when they want it.

The main principle of the coalition government is that an action is only permitted so long as it benefits both parties and their allies equally, and mutually.

Under the guise of equal distribution of political power or state budget, each Parliament member received a one billion tugrik spending allowance to use for his or her own “constituency”, which is generally being used in preparation for their re-election, at the cost of taxpayers, and of the poor.

There was almost no principal difference in these two political parties’ political programs in the last election campaign. Both parties have promised to give to the people their own money in cash, thus both parties literally bought their votes. The only difference was in the amount of cash: one promised one million togrogs, the other ¬- one and half million tugrogs. Recently, they reached a compromise for fulfilling their political “promises” and created a fund called “The human development fund” and agreed to give 10 times less cash than promised, in 4 payments.
The small group of individuals, who promised to voters at democratic elections to take over the political power and rule the country, is now getting very busy in possessing the natural resources of the country and sharing its future income among themselves. Very soon, they will get even richer with the upcoming growing flow of foreign direct investment into the mining sector.

At the moment, both political parties are also very busy in planning and constructing two grand and pompous towers next to each other in the center of the city. It would be better if both parties move into the one which will be completed first, since they may as well merge because either palace will easily accommodate them both. Or else one should create another construction that eventually connects both towers.
In Mongolia, most of the people are getting poorer, but the state is getting richer, a lot richer, and political parties are constructing grand palaces. Half of the capital city’s population is living under minimal living conditions, struggling with the disaster of smog, and looking for masks to cope with the problem, but the Parliament is busy constructing its own palace in the only public garden north of the “Gray” house, while the Khural has already erected its own, and moved in.

The top is busy with building palaces for itself. None of them ever speaks about how many low income family houses, schools or kindergartens could be built or how many of our broken roads could be repaired with these funds.

At the same time, the cheating of the poor with all kinds of hollow prizes and medals has not changed under any president. Mongolia may be the leading nation in the world in the number of generals and state prized individuals per capita; the other field being production and consumption of alcohol per capita. All prizes and awards and their celebrations combined with all kinds of holidays make the alcohol industry the number one leader in the Mongolian economy.

How about creating a special prize for a “Super government” for its great contribution to achieving such leading positions in the world with very thoughtful and exact “plans”?

For the new political party, the only thing remaining is to register its new name, “Mongolian Democratic Revolutionary Party,” with the Ministry of Justice. It is but a small technical job.

For us, the citizens of Mongolia however, the only option left is to look for a real political opposition power and find new political leaders before the election. We still have a couple of years to go.


  1. I completely agree with you and personally think that we have to do something profoundly enlightening and something that can make how people observe and react rather than just being enslaved and imprisoned which exactly is happening today in Mongolia.

  2. Its ridiculous, and makes my bones shiver whenever I hear these recounts of our govertment doing everything thats against democracy and always failing to fulfill its responsibilities of representing and protecting its people.

    I agree with your solition of a new opposing political party, but this party has to be made up of fresh faces.

    This is cruel to say here, but I can only hope that these same old,money-crazy, no ethics, large belly, faces disappear quickly from Mongolia's surface and a new transparent generation that holds higher ethics rise soon.

    And thats this generation.

    -Bayarmaa( Chicago, IL, USA)