Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Step Towards a Healthy State

Recent events in Mongolia’s political life have given opportunities to seal democratic principles deep into the root of government and further strengthen public governance. The conflict in the management level of the political party, who have ruled the country for more than ninety years, has been brought to light and the party has started to crumble as a political force. It is the beginning of a natural act of disintegration that was always going to happen.

A political party can carry out its duties for a long period of time only when they are based on a definite doctrine, a set of unambiguous principles and an ideology which reflects both of these.

It is natural law that a political force founded on personal interests or individual property interests will crumble and breaks apart sooner or later. After around two decades the only political party in the country failed to achieve its goal to build a successful communist state and left Mongolia without a political ideology.

Out of the remnants of this old party, a group of people united to fulfill their personal interests and desire for power, and since then they have been misusing their offices to cheat the people out of their own property. As they failed to build a new, well-ordered and stalwart ideology and existed only to control, the remains of the old doctrine have conflicted with current actions and leading the party to change its name and form.

Since there is no limit for human avarice and resources are limited, the group which united through their personal interests grew weaker due to those who misappropriated, distributed and benefited from public properties for their own personal wealth in a re-distribution of properties and powers.

A battle between the groups to destroy each other has begun, thanks to which great crimes of public property misappropriation have been revealed. At the same time, others are attempting to halt the flow of information making its way into public knowledge and to prevent the good decisions which were being made, since they know all guilty players will be laid bare in the end.

By this logic, opposing parties who have become implacable enemies are forced to reconcile and rejoin. Otherwise, thousands of the young people who joined their political parties may lose their party loyalty, negatively affecting the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Because it was the fundamental structure which collapsed they can never be reunited again. But, the time might come forcing opposing parties to pretend that they are re-united for a common purpose.

Such re-union would not last longer than one or two elections. As for the second most dominant political party, it has been building its own doctrines based on the beliefs of “democracy” in a short period of time, but they have failed to realize these values so that this party too is more based on personal interest and property demands.

The fact that there is no difference between either of the weak ideologies of the two biggest political forces in Mongolia has led to the formation of a trembling government without an opposition and to the formation of today’s coalition. Efforts by incumbent MPs and cabinet members are pushing the government to amend elections law so that they can ensure their re-election in the next bout of votes.

In reality, the only amendments should be the creation of a direct vote from the people for the head of executive governance or the Cabinet. Then it will no longer be possible to form coalition governments, thereby eliminating a faulty system allowing lawmakers to become Cabinet members.

The fundamental principle of democracy is becoming firmer in Mongolia and politicians’ actions are growing more transparent day by day. Decisive steps must be taken to ensure that political parties are a unified group sharing a strong ideology in the interests of the country.

Translation by P.Shinebayar

Ub Post
May 24, 2011


  1. Ideology and vision are multiplying factors in defining the power of a nation opposed to rather weaker factors like land, population, etc. Why can't we define a simpler vision like becoming one of the 30 biggest economies while not depending on mining and go for it altogether?

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