Friday, February 11, 2011

Costs of Promise

Ub Post
February 11, 2011

Two ruling parties managed to win the recent parliament elections thanks to their pledges to distribute big cash to each citizen; one pledged 1.5 million cash, while another one promised US$1000 cash.

Consequently, these two parties formed a joint coalition government. Because, from the very beginning, their promises were only to take as much as votes but not to give such big cash indeed and lacked accurate and real calculations, now they started to fight like a cat on hot bricks since they realize that their promises were lies as next elections approach’s day by day.

It is not possible to find five billion dollars, twice more than the country’s economy, within seventeen months.

This money can provide 140 thousand families with one-room apartments. It is enough to turn ger districts of Ulaanbaatar city into modern dwelling apartment blocks.

Or it can increase the country’s population of livestock by ten million. Any international institution will refuse to issue credits as everyone knows that this year Mongolia government has a budget with a major deficit.

The government cannot issue bonds too. The only mean left for them is to take mineral deposits as security. They are trying to collect that money by means of developing strategic mineral deposits quickly and “racketeering” foreign investors.

For instance, they already used their “smart idea” to take US$100 million from Oyu Tolgoi to distribute it to citizens and hope to get additionally US$150 million in this way.

Even if they manage to sign a good agreement on Tavan Tolgoi with a foreign investor, they cannot pull out US$250 million from the foreign investor.

It can be possible only if the government would make an ENORMOUS CONCESSIONS in favor of the investor and sell important deposits at quite cheaper price.

The deposits will go to someone who would pledge more money before others.

No matter the government could or could not give such a big money to keep their words, final losers would be the people of Mongolia because the people pay for real costs of promises indeed.

Maybe they find a way to give; the result would be inflation surge, price growth of all goods and devaluation of citizens’ deposits.

It means you will pay MNT5000 to buy the stuff that was MNT1000 before the inflation.

The people who ruled the country with their narrow ability to foresee elections only, have not done a single farsighted ambitious projects, infrastructures and constructions in the past.

Ulaanbaatar City would not look like as today even the city’s planning is done by enemies.

There is no free land or playground left in Ulaanbaatar City because every possible lands, grounds even schools’ sport fields were stolen by politicians and their relatives, to build dwelling apartments to make money. Plus all mountainsides were also stolen and sold.

Mongolia has lost BIG OPPORTUNITY of development.

Like this way, politicians make promises and do everything beneficial for them on the name of the state, while the people pay for the cost of their promises.

How long we, the Mongolians, must stand the swindlers who play trick on the people making badly-computed false promises and steals peoples’ properties and money on the name the state? We need a law which prohibits the participation of political party in political elections if they pledge cash money to voters.

Translated by P.Shinebayar

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