Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Financing of Political Parties


Aug 27,2010

In democratic countries, the information about the origin and collection of capital funds of political parties are always open and transparent. The mirrow to show by which means and for whose interests these institutions that take total control and power over the state responsible for the destiny and security of its people, serve, is the financing of political parties and the source.

In principal, financing of political parties must only come from their membership fees and donations from their members and supporters. In some countries, governments grant some funding to political parties based on the principle of equality among political parties, provided that the political parties meet certain official requirements and conditions. Names of all organizations and individual who make donations above the approved amount should be announced publicly too and electors have the right to be aware of origin of such donations and of if it is taxed properly.

Because political parties in countries with successful democracy indicators, particularly ruling parties publicly announce their financial statements every year, the citizens do trust political parties as institution. They also legalized maximum amount of donation from a single individual, which is one of many requirements to prevent a political party from turning into an instrument to exercise the interest of only few people with big money and wealth. If all these requirements fail, few people would misappropriate the peoples’ money and get richer and richer while ordinary people pay for all luxurious expenses of these few people by working hard and paying taxes, finally leading to the birth of a “Bonded Democratic State”.

Then, what we do, ordinary citizens of Mongolia know about how much money do the two ruling parties, namely Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party and the Democratic Party, have and what is the source of their financing? We do know nothing. Even their ordinary members have no idea about that, not talking even about ordinary citizens.

The reason is none of the two parties have integrated information about their financing and statements on their incomes and expenditures. Leaders of these two parties never register individuals’ donations and payment for electoral candidacy into integrated accountant of their parties and they make payments orally or in cash. They only promise to appoint their donators to a certain posts, if they win elections. No one has calculated real expenditures the political parties spend for election campaigns. After elections, there is an always new post in newly-formed government, in particular new cabinet creates posts of deputy ministers and deputy chairpersons when there is a post of state secretary.

Under-construction buildings of the two ruling parties are brightest example of the fact that the two parties have been getting richer and richer than their country and people. MPRP got MNT11 billion from the state as compensation for its old burnt building and is building a 10-storey big house. Originally, damages of any burnt property or building must be paid from insurance. All properties in a country with proper governance should be insured. But if it is burnt by someone, competent bodies should find guilty one to compensate the damage, after which the insurer gets payment. How it came that the

MPRP stole from tax money we, the people, paid, when why and who burnt the MPRP’s white building. Probably we have to expect such a fraud from this state that says no word about the guilty ones who shot five Youngman to death.

The Democratic Party is also building own house three times higher than the MPRP building. At least the Democratic Party should be like a democratic party. Don’t you see that your people do not need your golden palaces but need new hospitals, new schools and new kindergartens? The people would surround you if you build a new school for their children. Your expensive vehicles and luxurious consumption looks like “a feat during the plague” inside the poorest life of your people.

My dear ruling parties!

There is an emerging necessity for us, the citizens, to know where all these huge money of your two parties are coming from. If you make all these information open and clear, we decide that you have an especial reason to hide it from the citizens.

We are also suspicious that you two might be financed from foreign sources. Special report released by members of parliament that you formed says that there is no complete report of “big debt” that we received since 2000 and that is about to exceed our GDP and that it is not clear now who took some loans and who will pay off. It is already the time to release financial statements of projects that are implemented on big loans through suspicious tender bids and which results and achievements are still uncertain.

Newspapers and media everyday informs about how your appointed MPs swindle through their “slaves” the resources under the above Mongolian land by lying that various licenses are issued or transferred or sold.

Please take into your attention that Russians themselves talk about fact that early last century in order to diminish future strength and influence of rapidly-developing Russia, the Germans financed some Russians led by Ulyanov (Lenin) who were on refugee abroad helping them to found political party, which led to civil war and coup d’etat.

Mongolians would not vote in next elections for the political party that have not publicized its financial statement about how the party is financed and what the party’s money is spent for /at least since the last elections/. We call for publicize your financial statements to compete in next elections. Originally, there is a law stating that.

Translated by P.Shinee

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